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spacer A small, distinctive consultancy practice focusing upon assessing, undertaking and project managing the
installation of renewable energy systems.

The business is characterised by client focus, attention to detail, trustworthiness, commercial insight and passion.

Whilst manufacturers are happy to sell their machinery and technology, they offer little assistance and knowledge in areas required to integrate their equipment into practical solutions for business or domestic scenarios. The knowledge developed in the various energy systems by the team at Brennergy leads to a thorough but quick assessment of the appropriate technology for the application.

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spacer Once the appropriate technology has been chosen, Brennergy concentrates upon planning, civil works, mechanical engineering and operational detail of the project and its integration into existing systems. More often than not, it is these areas that determine the success of the project and this is the value that Brennergy adds to a scheme. All this knowledge is not readily available from others as it is based upon actual experience of multiple renewable energy systems in some cases supporting district heating systems.

The practical delivery of results are underpinned by a personal guarantee of customer service and focus.

Brennergy would be delighted to assist you in your project, be it large or small, in determining and implementing the best renewable energy system for your circumstances. Please browse the following pages for a summary of the various technologies and the process we generally follow.

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The UK Government is encouraging the installation of Renewable Energy systems through annual payments for the production of both heat and electricity even if the energy is used onsite. These payments are generous and offer a decent rate of return on capital. Together with the use of Enhanced Capital Allowances, the installation of renewable energy systems makes good financial sense.