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spacer The process of implementing a renewable energy system

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spacer The typical stages that a project progresses through are as follows, although any of these stages can be done individually:
      THE 7 STAGES
bullet Site Survey
Detailed site assessment leading to a comprehensive report outlining the renewable energy options applicable for the location with a clear cost benefit analysis.
bullet Feasibility Study
Once an energy system or systems have been selected, two suitable manufacturers of the selected technology will asked to provide quotations. Their proposals and calculations will be checked against our own to ensure that both parties agree to the scope of the project. We will accompany them on their visits so that all areas of the installation and operation of the system are covered. A comprehensive review will be provided by us of the various options available to you based upon the quotations for civil, plumbing, mechanical and electrical works for you to make a choice, should you wish to proceed.
bullet Detailed Plans
Once a manufacturer has been selected, we will review all their plans and drawings to ensure that they make sense, are comprehensive and complete. This includes, reviewing their calculations using a qualified M&E consultant. Furthermore, we will review the entire system, from start to finish, to ensure that all elements from supply of the raw material through to billing, if appropriate, has been considered and planned for.
bullet Planning Permission
If required, Brennergy will assist or undertake all the necessary work to make a planning application.
bullet  Civil Works
Working with the selected contractors we will ensure that they deliver what has been agreed with the manufacturer and the client.
bullet System Installation
We will project manage the installation of the selected system, together with the mechanical, plumbing and electrical works, if appropriate. This will include the integration of the technology within the existing building(s) if applicable.
bullet Completion
We provide advice on the practical elements such as servicing and the billing to third parties if applicable.


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